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Bernard Cane has been a leader in the private investigation field for over 30 years with continual on the job experience in the areas of investigations, trial litigation, and claims. Mr. Cane has established himself in the legal profession and business community as an expert and experienced specialist. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, and he has even appeared on national television.

Mr. Cane obtained his Private Investigator license, number PI11452, in February 1986 from the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, a division of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. In 1986, Bernard George Investigations was founded as a sole proprietorship.

Bernard George Investigations, serves the needs of municipalities, local and state governments, attorneys, businesses [small & large], insurance companies, and individuals on a local, national, and international level with headquarters in Los Angeles. The services offered include police civil rights defense [excessive force and wrongful death], corporate & business due diligence, civil liability defense, municipality defense, insurance claims investigations, background investigations [including pre-employment], fraud investigations, sub rosa investigations, asset locate and investigation, trial preparation, witness statements and locates, surveillance/counter-surveillance, industrial espionage countermeasures, workplace investigations, and corporate intelligence.

BGI realizes that attorneys, risk managers, adjusters, business managers, business owners, and private parties have a choice. For this reason, BGI, prides itself in striving to deliver blue ribbon investigative services in a timely and effective manner at affordable prices.

We offer resources, experience, and expertise that only legal licensed professionals can offer. We understand that even though attorneys, adjusters, risk managers, etc., have options, those options do not compare to the services of a qualified specialist and an expert professional private investigator. This is where our company distinguishes itself from the rest. We remove the client’s worry of vicarious liability. We provide you with customized reliable investigative service support that will fulfill your needs and meet evidentiary standards.

We stay abreast of the current laws and statues governing investigative practices. Mr. Cane has himself been active legislatively on both a state and federal level since the late 1980s. When it comes to competent work product, you can rely on us.

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